Tommy's article "Racecycling on Lanzarote"

First of all the goodies - Lanzarote has a lack of big mountains (around 600m maximum) and is located in the south - which means you will survive the climbs and there is not a lot of rainfall. There is no warranty but you have a good chance to stay dry if you watch the sky - even in winter - the rest of the year is dry.
Then the less goodies - the same chance to stay dry is the chance to have wind. While you might have a week without any air-movement in winter - in summer you will stay dry but you will have wind. Wind on Lanzarote means in general more than a breeze - some days you might be faster up- than downhill. That sounds not so bad - but struggling uphill against the wind will maybe less funny - you will get used to that.
Also clouds can travel very fast on windy days - so don't forget your windbreaker and - your suncreme as well! Temperatures should stay in winter between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius. In summer it can get quite hot if the wind is making a rest. On warmer days you should start early in the morning,make a little siesta and return on the road if the sun goes down.
The roads of Lanzarote had changed a lot in the past - now you can count a 65% of good terrain,20% are more or less and the rest is still hard to believe - but getting better for the biker every year. You will bike over hills, plains, steeper and slower climbings and uphills - but nothing of a kind stays to long - perfect for different training-forms.
Around the main town Arrecife there is traffic and there are frequent roads but mostly you will not meet to much cars. You should avoid the area of Teguise on Sundays - because of the market it is a lot of touristic traffic there,on other days it is fine.
The landscape of Lanzarote is very changeable - you will find desertlike fields, mediterranean areas, only black lava as far as you can see,vine-yards, beautiful beaches but - you will not find any forest (and therefore no shades and - no windshields). When sun is going down, especially on days with very changeable weather, you will see colours on hills and mountains - which you might not believe and will not forget.
Visiting some of the touristic attractions (the mirador's,the vine-yards and the places were Cesar Manrique had his hand on) might be a good idea - even maybe travel to the nearby islands Fuerteventura or the smaller La Graciosa. If you see a chance you should visit the national park of Timanfaya in the south of the island. This landscape is unique - sometimes you will feel yourself on the moon.
For just training your fitness or for preparing yourself for your competitions-season Lanzarote is more than a good choice. The climate is perfect for serious biking and you can select any kind of different training-forms. The wind and some of the roads are not making it easier but you will get used to that and afterwards you have trained even more.
Professionals know that all since quite a time - a lot of teams,sport-clubs,etc. make their winter-trainings on the island. The list of sporting-events taking place is getting longer every year - the biggest event is still the ironman in May. This competition is known as one of the hardest of the world and very well known as "last step" for the championship in Hawaii.
The possibilities for trainings,especially for bikers,are excellent and the touristic infrastructure will help you a lot to enjoy your stay.
The resort of Costa Teguise (ca. 8 km northeast of main town Arrecife) is a very good base for all routes to the north. Also you will find very good service in Tommys BIKES Bike Station where you have bikes for rent,repairs,spare parts and - at least a friendly bikers-smalltalk.
Finally the words the cyclist already knows - don't ride without helmets - don't forget puncture-outfits and - take as much water as you can.

© Norbert Dürauer for Tommys BIKES Bike Station